Our partnerships

We actively engage with international initiatives, fostering strong partnerships and knowledge exchange with existing projects to prevent redundancy, leverage synergies, and ensure incorporation of the latest findings while disseminating our own results. Among the key projects we collaborate with are the sister projects (CheMatSustain, CHIASMA and TOXBOX). The four EU-funded Horizon Europe projects addressed under the call topic “Innovative methods for safety and sustainability assessments of chemicals and materials” (HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-21) collaborate on the challenges related to development of alternative methods for safety assessment (e.g., in vitro models, computational simulations, and high-throughput screening techniques) without animal models and development of absolute sustainability methods identifying synergies and points in common to increase collaboration and avoiding duplication of work. 

Additionally, we establish connections with key projects focused on Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD), such as the IRISS project, which aims to establish an international SSbD network, and the PARC partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals, striving to develop next-generation chemical risk assessment methods for human health and environmental protection. Furthermore, we actively participate in various other projects and initiatives, including those under the EU NanoSafety Cluster and the Malta initiative. We welcome collaboration inquiries and encourage you to reach out to explore potential partnerships.