Our organisation

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories is an Israeli company located on the shores of the Dead Sea. AHAVA combines NATURE and SCIENCE of the unique properties of the Dead Sea minerals to develop and manufacture high-end mineral-based skincare on the global market.

Our role in the project

Within SSbD4Chem, AHAVA has two main roles: First, safety and toxicity evaluation methods of nano-structured and non-nano-structured ingredients for human epidermal and dermal topical exposure (based on the expression of biomarkers for skin inflammation, apoptosis, necrosis, and irritation) – using human skin ex vivo and in vitro models. Second, formulation of well-defined Cellulose nanofibers (CNF) as added value fillers in skin cosmetics. CNF will be formulated and manufactured according to ISO22716 GMP. Furthermore, the stability of tested formulae with CNF on the texture of skin care will be studied. Nano and non-nano CNF containing formulae would be evaluated and would be calculated to meet obligatory Margin of Safety (MoS) requirements.

Main persons involved