Our organisation

KORTEKS is a leader in Turkey’s textiles industry, with more than 2,000 employees and gross sales worth USD 400 million a year. KORTEKS focuses on customer satisfaction at every stage of its manufacturing and service processes.

Commencing operations in Bursa in 1989, KORTEKS (Textile Industry & Trade Inc) today is a fully integrated polyester-yarn manufacturer with the highest production capacity of any producer in Europe and exporter to more than 60 countries, among them Germany, Italy, the UK, the US, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

Operating in plant facilities with 335,000 m2 of space, KORTEKS meets the needs of the Turkish textile industry for high-quality polyester yarns with a rich and diversified lineup of products and sends its goods to every corner of the world.

Our role in the project

Within SSbD4CheM, KORTEKS will contribute to the textile case study by producing different kinds of filament yarns by different polymers and producing weaving/knitting fabrics. Concretely, they will produce filament yarn qualities from Virgin PET, Recycle PET and PLA polymers and then produce woven/knitted fabrics out of them. KORTEKS will contribute to studies on measuring microfiber emissions together with other project partners (WP5). Moreover, other partners in WP7 will do the atmospheric plasma coating of these fabrics to gain functionalities like hydrophilicity, self-cleaning and antimicrobial. KORTEKS will contribute to coating trials by producing new types of filament yarns and producing different constructions in weaving/knitting of fabrics.

Main persons involved

Onur Çelen
Managing the R&D Trials


Serdar Murat Cam
Coordinating of the KORTEKS studies


Mine Turkay
Performing and reporting the R&D Trials