Our organisation

Postnova is the inventor and leader in field-flow fractionation and an innovator in light scattering technology, offering instruments, software, and services used in laboratories of universities, institutions, and corporations worldwide to separate and characterize analytes in the nanometer to micrometer and kilodalton to gigadalton range. In a constantly growing number of applications around polymers and further advanced materials, nutrition, and personal care, as well as in environmental and pharmaceutical science, Postnova’s offering and expertise help its customers to develop and optimize products and their production processes, to ensure product quality, to contribute to a safer and more sustainable environment, as well as to fight and cure diseases.

Our role in the project

Within SSbD4CheM, PNV will development analytical solutions to characterize (high aspect ratio) nanomaterials using field-flow fractionation and light scattering techniques.

Main persons involved

Florian Meier
Head of Research & Applications
Expert in nanomaterial characterization using multi-detector FFF and main Postnova contact in the project.
Involved in WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP8.


Roland Welz
Head of Development
Development of FFF and light scattering instrumentation as well as software solutions for optimized characterization of high aspect ratio nanomaterials.
Involved in WP3.


Roland Drexel
Senior Researcher
Expert in nanomaterial characterization using multi-detector FFF, light scattering specialist.
Involved in WP3, WP4 and WP5.