Our organisation

VITO, founded in 1991, is a leading independent research organization with a diverse workforce of 1048 employees from 43 countries. It focuses on providing sustainable technological solutions to industries and public authorities while offering scientific advice in various research domains. Through solution-oriented creative thinking VITO contributes to new applications and systems that provide an answer to social challenges. Innovating means questioning existing thinking patterns, leaving the existing paths, performing pioneering work and taking calculated risks. VITO researchers use excellent technological expertise as an asset to be a forerunner. VITO’s international presence strengthens its project management capabilities and accountability. Research and staff of VITO are productive with 287 scientific papers per year and being among the top 10 Belgian institutions in patent applications at the European Patent Office.

Our role in the project

VITO’s comprehensive contributions in SSbD4CheM encompass analytical advancements, innovative methods for safety assessment, and the integration of sustainability assessments.

VITO’s role in the SSbD4CheM project next to the coordination is development of tailored analytical methods (Work Package 3). In WP4, adoption of an innovative method for safety assessment with zebrafish embryo, the reduced zebrafish transcriptome model is envisioned. In addition, VITO is working on the creation of a data library for NAMs. Within WP5, VITO takes the lead in simulating real-life particle and chemical releases, coupled with human exposure modeling in consumer and occupational settings. Additionally, in WP6, VITO integrates Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with diverse sustainability assessment methods, including energy system modeling and Material Flow Analysis, amplifying the project’s scope and impact.

Main persons involved

Hilda Witters
WP4 (NAM’s development & validation, ENV&HH hazard assessment)

Yentl Pareja Rodriguez
WP4 & WP5 (HH hazard & exposure assessments)


Wouter Gebbink
WP5 (exposure assessments)