Our organisation

The National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) is an established, scientifically excellent, breakthrough research institution based in Slovenia with 437 employees (as of 31 Dec 2023). Of these, over 300 are researchers in 9 departments and 3 centers for research translation to higher TRLs. NIC’s mission is to push the boundaries of science and create new values. We successfully transfer knowledge to industry and, in the long term, support the role of science in the development of society. We enrich the global treasury of knowledge by solving society’s most pressing challenges, including health, sustainable energy, climate change, a circular economy and safe food. The work of the Institute is also in line with the priority thematic areas of the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020, which emphasises nanotechnology, genomics and biotechnology for health, climate change, energy, sustainable development and global change and quality and safety of food.

Our role in the project

The primary role of NIC will be to closely cooperate with AHAVA on SSbD-driven R&D of novel materials and demonstration of industrial assay case study introducing and standardising cellulose nanofibril applications to skin care cosmetics.  NIC will contribute to selecting and preparing appropriate cellulose nanomaterials and will be responsible for acquiring their well-defined physical and chemical properties. Acquired data will serve in computational tools, workflows and sustainability assessment, thus applying the SSbD4CheM concept to the R&D of cosmetics.