Work plan

SSbD4CheM is divided into nine different work packages. The first seven are research and innovation focused (WP1-7). WP1 aims at establishing the SSbD4CheM framework for materials and product design. WPs2-6 aim at introducing new approaches to SSbD assessment. In WP7, industrial demonstration of SSbD driven R&D of novel materials is envisioned. This whole structure is supported by a dedicated stakeholder engagement, training, dissemination, exploitation work package (WP8) and a project management and scientific coordination work package (WP9).

The overall structure of the project workplan in shown in the diagram below:

Work packages

WP1 – SSbD4CheM framework and workflow (Lead: EwC)

WP2 – Computer aided (re)design approach (Leader: Entelos)

WP3 – Analytical methods for tailored requests (Leader: HSF)

WP4 – Innovative models for human health and environmental safety assessment (Leader: Fraunhofer)

WP5 – Exposure assessment / risk management (Leader: VITO)

WP6 – Sustainability assessment across the life cycle assessment (Leader: ITENE)

WP7 – SSbD driven R&D of novel materials and Demonstration of Industrial Assay (Leader: WOOD Kplus)

WP8 – Stakeholder Engagement, Training, Dissemination and Exploitation (Leader: BNN)

WP9 – Project Coordination and Management (Leader: VITO)